How to Use Pitchboy to Train Your Sales Team

October 7, 2019

Training a sales team has left Learning and Development professionals scratching their heads for decades. How to keep boisterous, fun-loving sales staff engaged with traditional means of training? Textbooks are necessary not great at grabbing their attention. Seminars are costly, time-consuming and don’t have a lasting impact. MOOCs are typically uninspiring and show a 10% completion rate on average. Even face-to-face role-plays are far from ideal: your senior salespeople were hired to sell, not for their acting skills. And how to scale role-play in a consistent way when your sales teams are scattered in multiple locations?

A successful sales team starts with unity. Having a sales force that pushes a cohesive, consistent and comprehensive message will bolster your brand image and product perception. Using immersive VR training, Pitchboy helps each member of your team to better experience the sales process, allowing your team to work as one fully-loaded sales machine. Our suite of products uses custom-built scenarios to help trainees to stick to the approach, establishing a routine for users to successfully sell and grow your business.

The experience

Sales training simulation begins with getting intimately familiar with the sales interaction. Our system will begin with prompts to memorize information, and then progress to assessing employees on their delivery. Pitchboy scenarios work as a mentor and as a study guide for employees to retain and master product characteristics and selling points. Employee improvement and development over time are accessible in reports based on the ongoing exam results.

The ability to simulate building customer relationships is our strong suit. The Pitchboy software uses artificial intelligence to generate customer responses based on user language and tone, helping to craft the perfect customer pitch. Our software trains your team to develop prospecting skills, memorization of product information, objection prevention/handling, closing techniques and face several other customer interactions. Each scenario is custom built based on your team’straining needs.

Pitchboy’s technological advantage lies in being able to build the most important sales skill of all – communication. Our software and technology analyze your employee’s tone, volume, and pace of speech. Studies have shown that sales communication relies heavily not on what words you chose to say, but HOW you choose to say it. Our scenarios help build confidence and learn valuable techniques to generate a human and bespoke approach with every prospect.

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