3 Keys to a Truly Immersive Learning Experience

December 16, 2019

Pitchboy’s incorporation of reality-replicating AI into its learning process has made it a pioneer in the immersive learning technology field. Our product uses three essential factors to emphasize training that goes beyond clicking and gives business the ability to harness soft skills and empower employees.

        1. 360 Filming 

Pitchboy uses 360 filming to give the user a truly realistic experience. This is important because training scenarios should resemble the circumstances the trainee will be facing as closely as possible, allowing for a better sense of environment acclimation to surroundings. Furthermore, filming in 360 can also be utilized for future scenarios, meaning simulations are dynamic and can be reworked for the appropriate purpose.

        2. Real actors

When Pitchboy film’s scenarios we make sure that the user interacts with real faces and personalities. Other AI companies use avatars that exhibit cartoonish features, often straying far from reality. For optimal learning, we film real actors that are convincing, project a tone of voice, and have realistic body language and facial expressions. We believe going the extra mile to hire human beings for filming truly makes an impact on the learner. 

        3. NLU (Natural-language understanding)

The cornerstone of Pitchboy’s immersive learning success lies with its natural-language understanding (NLU) technology. We believe point and click is very disruptive to a learning experience that is most efficient when vocalizing; it’s impossible to help people soft skills without having people develop their own voice. Unlike our competitors, this feature allows the trainee to listen to his or herself, allows the coach to provide feedback on tone and verbiage, and gives trainees the perspective required to gain more from his or her learning. 

These three differentiators make Pitchboy’s platform a better investment for your training dollars, more efficient and impactful for your employees, and a standout amongst other services.