Does it really work?

Yes. Research shows immersive training with VR increases performance, recall and employee engagement.

VR boosts long-term knowledge retention. A study from Taipei Medical University shows students trained with VR score
27.4% better on an initial test and 32.4% in a second test two weeks later.

Another study by University of Maryland shows participants trained with VR show 9% higher recall and 41% mistake

Finally, a third study by Brigham Young University showed 85% of trainees preferred VR training over traditional.

Is it realistic?

Our simulations use real actors in real environments, to provide the most realistic feel possible. We just don't believe in avatars.

Is Pitchboy really smart?

Pitchboy features a Natural Language Understanding algorithm, able to detect the semantic intent of the user based on what they're saying. This means that the user can't just use the "magic keyword" to get the points, and they can use a variety of different ways to get the point across. For instance, instead of asking "how are you?", "how are you doing today?" can trigger the same response from the AI.

However, we're not trying to build a generalist conversation tool like Alexa. Pitchboy scenarios are focused on specific training use cases - getting an appointment for a B2B sales meeting, managing an unhappy customer, providing feedback to an employee, making a diverse colleague feel included, etc. If the user diverts from the goal of the training, Pitchboy will provide text prompts or custom dialogue sequences to bring them back on point.

How hard is it to build a scenario?

The scenario creation process usually takes a month, with one to two workshops to define key dialogues and assessment criteria. If you're able to provide existing training and roleplay material, it usually reduced the amount of time required. We work with instructional designers trained to the Pitchboy method to assist thoughout the process.

Will I get motion sick?

Our simulations are in average 6 minutes long in static situations, where you need to maintain eye contact with the person you're speaking to. Using 360 video and voice interaction without requiring movement, motion sickness is extremely rare. Additionally, the progress in technology results on an increased frame rate on recent headsets, which contributes to reducing motion sickness.

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What use cases can I use Pitchboy for?

Whether you are looking for ways to improve talent development, employee engagement, diversity, inclusion and soft skills training, Pitchboy can create immersive learning experiences that fit your training objectives. Other common use cases include sales, customer management, leadership, and public speaking.

What criteria does Pitchboy assess on?

Pitchboy monitors:
- speech rate: are you speaking too fast or too hesitantly?
- body language: are you able to maintain eye contact?
- argumentation: are you conveying the right messages, asking the right questions?

How can I monitor user performance and replay their sessions?

Users can replay their performance at the end of their simulation. We also provide a companion app accessible from any computer or smartphone, where you can look at your past performance in more detail, and replay previous attempts.

Is Pitchboy available on regular screens (smartphone, computer)?

Since September 2019, Pitchboy is accessible directly from a browser. The result is less immersive, allows you to train anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Can we handle part of the scenario creation (script writing, video production?)

By becoming a Pitchboy Partner, you can access our scenario-writing methodology as well as Pitchboy video production best practices to create your own content.

Do you offer an authoring tool?

Yes we do. Please contact us for more information.

How can I roll out Pitchboy in my company?

We recommend to start the roll-out with a 6-month pilot project in one location and up to 100 trainees. Once you've collected all the key learnings, you can expand to more locations and create additional scenarios. This helps deciding on the best delivery format (in-class vs. autonomous training), collecting user feedback and firming up reporting processes.

How do you manage the stock of headsets?

You can either purchase headsets and install the Pitchboy simulation, or lease the devices. The Pitchboy Device Unit (PDU) offers this turnkey service. We provide our customers assistance and replace faulty headsets on demand.

Can I connect Pitchboy to my LMS?

The Pitchboy data is entirely accessible via API.

Do you stock data? How safe is it?

Our data is saved on AWS ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant servers.

How much does it cost?

Not a million dollars! Pricing depends on scope, so please get in touch and let's talk about your project.

What languages are available?

Pitchboy is available in 80 languages.

Can you wear headsets with glasses on?


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You can call us Pitchgirl if you like!

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