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Pitchboy is a virtual reality training company. We create real-life scenarios to help learning and development professionals train their staff.

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Why Pitchboy

Pitchboy improves the learning experience for employees, enabling them to practice their soft skills in a safe, risk-free environment.


Voice-activated tailor-made scenarios in an immersive and interactive environment to match real-life situations.


Unlimited, on-demand training, resulting in considerable time saved for the trainer.


Each employee is trained in the same way, and receives personalized feedback.


The trainer or line manager can track the employee’s progression and match it with the impact on sales, NPS and other indicators.

Pitchboy is asmart conversation

The learner can practice as much as he or she wants. Pitchboy’s artificial intelligence adapts interactions with the user based on previous sessions, to focus the learner on their developmental areas.

Our monitoring tool enables learners to watch their past performance and analyze their progress with real data. Managers can also identify training needs. Collected data can be pushed to LMS through Pitchboy’s API.

Pitchboy is available on any device!

Smartphone, tablet, desktop

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Case studies

After looking at the possible partners for custom virtual reality training, we were led to PitchBOY because they made a difference on several criteria. Their use of speech recognition in natural language and artificial intelligence makes the learning experience a realistic and individualized journey while allowing a standardized restitution of performance and progress. Pitchboy has a great mastery of the technology while keeping a flexibility vis-à-vis the available devices. And finally, the quality of production and rendering is there.

Julien Ricard, Director of Learning and Development

Bouygues Telecom Academy

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